HOw Libera Is Different


A Catalyst

Libera provides the opportunity to slow down and evaluate. Many women do not realize they are imprisoned, do not understand what imprisons them, or lack the hope or resources for change. Libera helps women become more aware of the barriers in their lives, and how they can take steps to overcome them. The underlying cause of many difficult issues in women’s lives is a lack of freedom.



    Every woman has a story. Most women never have someone listen closely to their story. Libera gives women the opportunity to tell their story, and to have someone intently listen, maybe for the first time. Real change can only take place on a personal level- one woman at a time.  As a woman becomes empowered and gains hope, she can work to empower other women. We will train and empower mentors to impact others as they meet with women one on one.

    Instead of comparing and competing with each other, what if women empowered and supported one another? Libera is a place for women to find support and empowerment without judgment.



    Many nonprofits for women focus on a single need; yet there are many ways women can be imprisoned. It’s important to offer steps to address barriers in all aspects of a woman’s life- emotional, intellectual, relational, physical, spiritual, and financial. Libera will help women assess their barriers and connect them to steps and resources that can help in multiple areas.

    Those resources might come in the form of a Libera group, a non-profit, a social agency, a counselor, or materials that can help each woman work through their barriers to freedom. Libera takes a multi faceted approach to giving women support and help.