Our Mission

We will provide vital connections through groups, mentoring, resources, workshops and volunteer opportunities that will enable women in West Virginia to find their identity, voice, strength, purpose, and freedom.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment where women and teens are empowered to live in freedom—one woman at a time. We will listen to women share their stories and help them identify the specific areas in which they are imprisoned.

Our Values

Listen: We will listen to women’s and teens’ stories empathetically and non-judgmentally.

Learn: We will learn about women’s stories and barriers, and we will learn from them.

Love: We will love women and teens where they are, just as they are.

Our Strategy

We have a trained corps of volunteer Listeners [mentors] who listen to women's stories, help them identify barriers and lies in their lives, and connect them to resources to overcome those barriers. These resources might be nonprofits, social agencies, counselors, books, CDs and DVDs. Listeners meet with women one-on-one and lead peer support groups.

We use the Libera bus as a mobile office and meeting space. The Libera bus travels to every county in West Virginia a few times each year. The bus parks in spaces that women in each community frequent: big box stores, dollar stores, groceries, libraries. The bus is staffed by Listeners, and eventually a counselor and/or nurse, who will be available to listen to women's stories and connect them to resources. This lays the groundwork for starting Libera model groups in each large region of West Virginia [already underway] and eventually every county of the state.