Another "Week in the Life of Libera"

We wanted to give you an update on what we've been doing, and sometimes a snapshot of our week is the very best way to do that!

Our groups and workshops help women and teens find wholistic freedom, overcoming all kinds of barriers and lies to live a more free and healthy life! As women who have been through the groups say, Libera is for EVERY woman! No matter how large or small your barriers may be.

Over the past week we have:

  • held a Libera workshop with college students and young adults
  • held a teen Libera group with 8th grade girls [and we must say, we are very impressed by the insight of these teen girls! they are learning and growing]
  • held a "Listener" [volunteer] led group in Marion County [this Listener had a great time leading this group, and is urging every Listener/mentor to lead a Libera group!]
  • held a S.O.A.P. outreach to 10 Monongalia County hotels, distributing hotel bar soaps with the human trafficking hotline, warning signs and red flags to the hotel desk and housekeeping staff, and various other educational materials [THANK YOU Mtec students who partenered with us!]
  • finished up plans for a WOW [Women on Wellness] retreat, a one day wholistic women's health day cosponsored by Libera, RDVIC, and the National Center of Excellence in Women's Health at WVU:
  • set in motion plans for an Eastern panhandle Libera group at the end of March
  • planned a new Monongalia County group for March 14 which will be co-led by a Listener
  • visited Mason, Putnam, and Jackson counties and distributed hundreds of rack cards with the human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault hotlines, as well as postcards with the Help4WV drug addiction hotline
  • networked with a regional staff person with Help4WV in order to understand state resources better and know how to work together and refer women
  • resourced and encouraged some women caught in abusive relationships
  • encouraged a woman who we helped inspire to go back to college
  • counseled several teens and college students individually


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