OPEN LETTER: Free Your Mind

Recently, several people have voiced misconceptions about the mission of LIBERA.  One queried whether or not they had to be “abused” to participate in a group. Another expressed renewed interest in the organization after they realized that LIBERA is not “JUST” about domestic violence.

The mission of LIBERA is to “......enable women and teen girls in West Virginia to find their identity, their voice, their strength, their purpose, and their freedom.”  

Is it possible that you are successful relationally, professionally, but still have an underlying sense of failure, discontent, or unhappiness?  Are you struggling with feelings of inadequacy, suffering from a series of failed relationships, and disconnects from family? Or is every accomplishment overshadowed by an overwhelming, but indeterminate cloud of sadness?  These are barriers to your personal freedom and exactly the types of issues LIBERA addresses in a non- judgmental environment.

Although abuse may be one of the obstacles to individual freedom we encounter there are many others.  But can we stop and examine the term abuse. Abuse is defined by Merriam Webster as:

      "use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.”   

This term is an umbrella for the many indignities visited upon women, by family, friend, strangers, and even the laws and legislators who fail to protect them.

Many of us don't have a frame of reference for abuse, and even feel that the unfortunate women who allow themselves to be victims of abuse are not intelligent or resourceful.  Some may blame them for being unable to protect or extricate themselves from these situations. The reality is that abuse affects women from all stations of life and socioeconomic status, every generation and ethnicity.  Like it or not abuse underscores our failures as a society and is therefore a problem that belongs to all of us. And still this is but one group of women LIBERA encounters seeking liberation and freedom.

Libera has helped women who struggle with shame, people pleasing, addiction, abuse, assault, lack of finances, lack of direction and purpose, lack of education, and so much more. Our clients say LIBERA is for EVERY woman!  

Don't exclude yourself from the ultimate satisfaction of beginning your journey to freedom. LIBERA doesn't!

Be the author of your own story!