What's Been Happening Through Libera?

Here are some ways Libera has had an impact recently:

  • We connected with multiple Girl Scout troops around the state of West Virginia at the WV Annual Meeting in Vienna, and handed out resources and discussed ways we can lead them through the Libera model
  • We handed out resources and did a presentation on human trafficking for a local church
  • We started a Libera group in Taylor County
  • We led a Libera group for young mothers
  • We made connections with the Latino community in Martinsburg and laid groundwork for a potential group with them in the future
  • We received the go ahead to start a Libera group at Bartlett House Nitor Suites in Morgantown 
  • We finalized plans to start a new Libera Teen Group on May 6
  • Libera received a $660 Grant from the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility class at WVU
  • We attended a sentencing hearing to support some of our clients who are survivors of sexual assault
  • We provided private counseling for teens and college students
  • We met one on one with women who are in domestic situations, struggling with shame, anxiety, and other barriers; we even met with a woman from Russia and a woman from New York who are interested in learning the Libera model!
  • Finally, we worked with students from Dr. Geah Pressgrove's class at the WVU Creatathon. These students created a very moving video of women's stories from Libera, and also overhauled the website and created print and social media materials that will move us forward by leaps and bounds. Plus, they won the Creatathon competition, which won us free print materials from Morgantown Printing and Binding. Thanks, students, and thank you, Morgantown Printing and Binding! http://www.createathonwvu.org/ .   http://morgantownprintingandbinding.com/