Here's a small snapshot of what we do.



We do Libera groups and workshops on the Libera model, which help women and teens tell their stories and feel that they are really being heard. We empower women and teens to illuminate the barriers and lies that are holding them back from being free, help them believe the truth instead of the lies, and connect them to resources to overcome their barriers. The connection, encouragement, and relationships are vital to the growth and transformation of each woman. 




We are training a solid corps of women as Listeners. These Listeners meet with women one on one, and come alongside them to encourage and support them in their empowerment. We also meet with women and teens one on one after each group, to help them continue to find their freedom.


Bus Travels

The Libera bus travels to every county of West Virginia multiple times a year, to be available to hear women's and teen's stories and connect them to resources. We also distribute resources in each of the 55 counties of West Virginia.