Our groups and workshops are based on our six-week LIBERA model. Our model offers a safe environment for women to be heard. We empower women and teens to discover the barriers that are holding them back from their freedoms.

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The LIBERA Model:

Listen: Each of us has a story to tell. Places where we have been hurt, places where we have succeeded, places where we need to find freedom. For many women, the opportunity to share their story, uninterrupted, never materializes. Libera is where we will listen without judgment.

Illuminate: When we hide our stories in the dark, they have power over us, but when we bring them to the light, the power belongs to us. One of the best ways to own our stories is to have a record of them.

Believe: Belief is a powerful tool in breaking the chains that bind us. When we believe that we have value and worth, we are empowered to live the life that we want, one that is truly free.

Envision: As we believe that we have something to offer, we can begin to take concrete steps to envision the life that we want to live.

Reach: Freedom is best achieved when we are connected to the right source. By directing women to resources, groups and nonprofits that are addressing the areas where they need freedom, women are able to reach their full potential. We are here to help you reach your goals.

Alight: As we have someone listen to our story, illuminate the dark parts of our stories, believe in our value, envision our future, and reach for our freedom, we will want to share that experience with others. Freedom from one bondage allows us the freedom to do much more.


Private Counseling

Why Private Counseling Sessions?

Private counseling sessions provide one-on-one time to provide extra support in a safe space while gaining greater freedoms and growth in all areas of your life. Private counseling helps provide empowerment to pursue your goals in ways that align with who you are.


Private individual counseling sessions are provided by Jessica Haring, a counseling intern working toward licensure in the state of West Virginia.

Session fees are $40 each and can be paid by cash, checks payable to Libera, Inc., or on the website. Please note that payments are due before the beginning of each session. Individual sessions can be scheduled weekly or as desired.

Cancellation Policy: Since a time slot is held for your session, any cancellations without a 24-hour notice will be charged.

Please call (304) 460-5018 or email to schedule an appointment.

First Session Form:

If you are bringing your adolescent to counseling, please complete the Informed Consent and the Consent to Treat a Minor Form and bring them to your first therapy session. Parent/legal guardians' signatures are required.

The below forms must be completed by a legal guardian, but the Intake Form, found above, is to be completed by the client. 

Minor Counseling Forms: