Our vision is a West Virginia where women and teens are empowered to live in freedom—one woman at a time.  


Our proven Listening Model illuminates root issues, helping West Virginia women and teens find the freedom they need for the life they want.

OUR Values

Listen: We will listen to women’s and teens’ stories empathetically and non-judgmentally.

Learn: We will learn about women’s and teens’ stories and barriers, and we will learn from them.

Love: We will love women and teens where they are, just as they are.


We have a trained team of volunteer Listeners [mentors] who listen to women's and teen’s stories, help them identify barriers and lies in their lives, and connect them to resources to overcome their barriers. These resources might be nonprofits, social agencies, counselors, books, CD's, and DVDs. Listeners meet with women one-on-one, and also lead Libera model peer support groups. Listeners go through 30 hours of listening, mental health, and Libera model training in order to become Listeners.

We use the Libera bus as a mobile office and meeting space. The Libera bus travels to every county in West Virginia, and has already been to each county a couple times. The bus is staffed by Listeners, staff, and sometimes a counselor who will be available to listen to women's stories and network them to resources. This lays the groundwork for starting Libera model groups in each large region of West Virginia [already underway] and eventually every county of the state. We do Libera teen groups in public schools to help empower and resource teens, and we also lead Libera women’s groups in the community.


Listen: Each of us has a story to tell. Places where we have been hurt, places where we have succeeded, places where we need to find freedom. For many women, the opportunity to share their story, uninterrupted, never materializes. In Libera, we will listen without judgment, to the story of every woman who wants to share. Each woman will be able to have her story heard and affirmed.

IlluminateWhen we hide our stories in the dark, they have power over us, but when we bring them to the light, the power belongs to us. One of the best ways to own our stories is to have a record of it. Whether one chooses to write it down, record their voice sharing their story, use art journaling to make a visual representation, or some other means, sharing a story in a tangible way allows each woman to identify the areas where she is bound and can shed light on the patterns that keep her from being truly free.

Believe: Belief is a powerful tool in breaking the chains that bind us. When we believe that we have value and worth, we are empowered to live the life that we want, one that is truly free. As we step into the belief that we have power to change our lives, we can begin to redirect the negative thoughts and behaviors that keep us from living as truly free women.

Envision: As we believe that we have something to offer, we can begin to take concrete steps to envision the life that we want to live. Women will be encouraged to tap into their creativity and dream about the ways that they can shape their own future, and truly embrace the freedom that is available to them.

Reach: Freedom is best achieved when we are connected to the right source. By directing women to resources, groups, and non-profits that are addressing the areas where they need freedom, women are able to reach their full potential. No one can achieve freedom alone, but when we are working along-side others who share our dreams of freedom, we are able to reach our goals.

Alight: As we have someone listen to our story, illuminate the dark parts of our stories, believe in our value, envision our future, and reach for our freedom, we will want to share that experience with others. Freedom from one bondage allows us the freedom to do much more. Our power will not be contained, but rather women who are free will seek to empower others through volunteering at non-profits, leading groups that combat shame, and encouraging others to become actively involved in the pursuit of their own freedom.