Wholistic Freedom

Libera takes a wholistic approach to freedom, helping women wherever they might find barriers or lies that imprison them. 


Emotional Freedom

Many women are bound by various emotional chains. Chains of shame. Chains of rejection. Chains of insecurity. Chains of depression. Through the sharing stories of how women became bound by these chains, we help them gain the courage to reject these prisons.


Intellectual Freedom

Women are often told that they are intellectually inferior to men. Despite women earning nearly half of all of the PhDs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields, women often drop out of these fields far earlier than their male counterparts. By showing women that their intellect is important, we hope to encourage women to find freedom to pursue whatever discipline brings them fulfillment.


Relational Freedom

Women often face difficulties in relationships related to power dynamics, learned helplessness and abuse. As women begin to recognize the ways they are bound in unhealthy relationships, they can find their voice and begin to live in strength, taking steps toward relational health.


Physical Freedom

Women who experience emotional freedom can still be hindered by physical or circumstantial limitations. We will also provide assistance to women who are trapped in abusive and violent relationships by working with nonprofits that specialize in those areas.  We will work to educate and raise awareness of human trafficking, to help better identify traffickers and victims. We will encourage women who have found emotional, intellectual, and spiritual freedom to help other women realize their potential.


Spiritual Freedom

As we take steps toward emotional freedom, we will also find our way toward spiritual freedom. Far too often, religion is used as another way to imprison women when it can be a way to offer greater freedom. As women gain emotional freedom, they can begin to connect with a spirituality that empowers rather than imprisons.

Financial Freedom

Sometimes women feel trapped due to financial constraints. We will encourage women to learn skills and use their talents and passions to create a better financial future.  We will point them to training solutions for budgeting gainful employment. We will connect them to financial assistance for educational or entrepreneurial pursuits, including micro-lending and micro-savings solutions. We will work with other non-profits to help them obtain resources for financial need or life crises.