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Libera [Lee-BEH-Raa] is for every woman who wants to be free. We often think of freedom as a physical, external thing. But freedom is something we can lack internally in many different ways. Libera is about transformation and hope. How free do you want to be? Click here to give:

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A little about what we do.

emotional freedom emotional freedom

Many women are bound by various emotional chains. Chains of shame. Chains of rejection. Chains of insecurity. Chains of depression. Through the sharing of stories of how women became bound by these chains, we help them gain the courage to reject these prisons. A few examples of emotional barriers: do you feel ashamed of the […]

relational freedom relational freedom

  Women often face difficulties in relationships related to power dynamics, learned helplessness and abuse. As women begin to recognize the ways they are bound in unhealthy relationships, they can find their voice and begin to live in strength, taking steps toward relational health. A few examples of relational barriers: do feel emotionally stuck in […]

spiritual freedom spiritual freedom

As we take steps toward emotional freedom, we will also find our way toward spiritual freedom. Far too often, religion is used as another way to imprison women when it can be a way to offer greater freedom. As women gain emotional freedom, they can begin to connect with a spirituality that empowers rather than […]

intellectual freedom intellectual freedom

Women are often told that they are intellectually inferior to men. Despite women earning nearly half of all of the PhDs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields, women often drop out of these fields far earlier than their male counterparts. By showing women that their intellect is important, we hope to encourage women to […]

physical freedom physical freedom

Women who experience emotional freedom can still be hindered by physical or circumstantial limitations. We will also provide assistance to women who are trapped in abusive and violent relationships by working with nonprofits that specialize in those areas.  We will work to educate and raise awareness of human trafficking, and also provide volunteers to work […]

financial freedom financial freedom

  Sometimes women feel trapped due to financial constraints. We will encourage women to learn skills and use their talents and passions to create a better financial future. We will offer workshops and groups to help women learn financial principles and budgeting. We will point them to training solutions for gainful employment. We will connect […]

From the Blog

11 May


Thank you so much to all of you who made Libera’s first “Walk Across the State” a success! We appreciate those of you walked and got pledges, whether you walked 3 miles or 20 miles! We are also very grateful to each and every donor. Each dollar makes a difference! And finally, thank you to […]

3 April

April Milestones!

We’ve reached some big milestones in the past month! HIGHLIGHTS: The Libera bus has now traveled to all 55 counties in West Virginia!! We made some vital connections around the state with educators, leaders and state officials We attended Women’s and Girl’s Day at the WV Legislature and Libera wristbands were handed out to everyone in […]

9 February

Libera Walk Across the State

We walk for freedom! Libera is about empowering West Virginia women to live in freedom, whether it’s physical, emotional, relational or intellectual freedom. We walk for women all around the state who need to find their identity, their voice, their strength, and their purpose. We are doing this walk to create awareness of what Libera […]


What people are saying.

  • “The principles of Libera have helped me realize where I come from and have given me the ability to work through issues that have created significant barriers in my life. I’m on a path toward a more emotionally healthy life. I’m realizing that it’s not wrong to be strong as a woman. I’m finding it easier to stand up for what is important to me and not be as much of a people pleaser. I’m on a path toward freedom.”


Our vision is a West Virginia where women are empowered to live in freedom-

one woman at a time.