What I'm Learning This Week from Libera's Own Jessie Haring, LPC

Libera Staff
April 5, 2024
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Hi all!

If you don’t know me, my name is Jessie Haring and I am the licensed counselor at Libera.
March was the launch of my weekly “What I’m Learning This Week” Series. At the end of each
month, these resources will be compiled here in case you missed anything!

With March being Women’s History Month, these materials focus specifically around women-
specific stories, barriers, and information. I hope I can sift through all the noise out there and
bring you helpful, educational, and hopeful materials as we continue to serve the women and
teens of West Virginia!

1. Reshma Saujani: Teach girls bravery, not perfection -TED talk

This TED talk is an older one, but still very applicable and I think a great reminder of some of
the gender disparities we still face and how we can teach others, but also ourselves, to face

2. Invisible Women : 99% Invisible, Episode 363
This episode is a really interesting look at gender data bias. I have not yet read the Invisible Women book, whose author is interviewed for the podcast, but she has really interesting information that she portrays in a very balanced way. She does communicate her frustrations, but is also not pointing the finger and I think some of the data she presents is incredibly interesting as well as very helpful to provide context and possibly even spur people on to make changes moving forward.

3. Curious City: Two for Women’s History Month

These two stories are based in Chicago, and the one introduces how the juvenile justice system began. Hint: it was started by a group of women wanting to change the system for the better! Since Libera is involved weekly with justice-impacted youth, I thought it was really helpful to have a context for some of the work that we do and highlight women trying to make a difference.

4. Fresh Invest x Money with Katie: Women’s Financial Wellness
I think this conversation is a great introduction to how finances have historically been different for women vs. men. Money is difficult to talk about, and one of the main fights that couples have. Because it is so difficult, but also so prevalent in our day-to-day lives, I think it’s crucial that we are able to start and have conversations about it.

I hope to bring some more financial awareness and tools in the future with this series! (I also just really enjoy the Money with Katie content, she is just a woman who loves talking finances and is very down-to-earth and thoughtful in her commentaries)

I hope you all found this helpful/inspiring/informative and hope you will stay tuned for April! The first week is I think a must-see for everyone, regardless if you are a parent, mentor, or just a human being in relationship with others.

-Jessie Haring, LPC, Libera, Inc.

Libera Staff

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