A group of women holding a Libera group on the Libera bus

We help the women and teens of West Virginia feel seen, love themselves, and flourish.

What is Libera?

The problem

Societal pressures can hold women and teens back from reaching their full potential.

Our mission

A West Virginia where every woman and teen finds freedom.

Our vision

Holistic Freedom

West Virginia was created around the issue of freedom for enslaved peoples during the Civil War, and our vision is for all of the women of West Virginia to experience the freedom proclaimed in our state motto.

We address six types of freedom:

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A line illustration of a girl pondering


Libera counselor by the Libera bus celebrating after an event

Our Strategy & Approach

We have a trained team of volunteer Listeners (mentors)

They listen to women's and teen’s stories, help them identify barriers and lies in their lives, and connect them to resources to overcome their barriers.

These resources might be nonprofits, social agencies, counselors, books, CD's, and DVDs. Listeners meet with women one-on-one, and also lead Libera model peer support groups. Listeners go through 30 hours of listening, mental health, and Libera model training in order to become Listeners.

We use the Libera bus as a mobile office and meeting space. The Libera bus travels to every county in West Virginia, and has already been to each county a couple times. The bus is staffed by Listeners, staff, and sometimes a counselor who will be available to listen to women's stories and network them to resources. This lays the groundwork for starting Libera model groups in each large region of West Virginia [already underway] and eventually every county of the state. We do Libera teen groups in public schools to help empower and resource teens, and we also lead Libera women’s groups in the community.

Meet our team
A Libera Listener wearing a shirt that says "I am Listening"

The "LIBERA" Model

Many nonprofits for women address only one need. Our approach is different.

We offer a personalized approach to combat any barriers to freedom that our participants are experiencing.

We achieve this through listening groups led by a trained team of volunteer Listeners and mentors where everyone has an opportunity to be deeply heard and understood, counceling services to address personal needs or trauma, and by creating and connecting participants with the resources they need.

L : Listen
I : Illuminate
B : Believe
: Envision
R : Reach
A : Alight

Where does the name Libera come from?

“Montani Semper Liberi” means “Mountaineers are always free.”

"Libera" (pronounced "lee-bare-uh"), is the feminine form of the word “liberi” meaning “free,” which is our vision for every woman and teen of West Virginia.

Our Partners

A huge thank you to our partners!

Our partners are so important to us! They are the heros who make freedom possible for the women and girls with whom we work. Without them there would be no Libera.

"Libera impacted me because now I know I will always have someone therefor me when I need it...thanks Libera!"
Amy S.
Listening Group Participant

We all deserve to live in freedom. Get involved!