October Happenings

Have you wondered what Libera is all about? Do you have limited time, but want to take steps to overcome your barriers and find more freedom?


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Here is a brief story of how Libera has impacted one of the women we serve:

“Libera has helped me so much.I was in an abusive relationship with no where to turn, no family who would support me.Luckily I had people at work tell me about Libera and then I started to attend.My experience with this group has been excellent. I now realize that there are people who care and there are people just like me and there are people who you can talk to when you have no where to turn.”

She now wants to go out on the bus with us, to meet other women and tell her story.

Here are some highlights of what we’ve been doing over the last 4 weeks:

  • We spoke to a local women’s group that had previously passed out rack cards with the human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault hotlines. One woman said 8 or the 10 cards she placed had been taken. It’s a good sign that women are getting connected to the help they need.
  • We spoke to the Women’s Giving Circle of North Central West Virginia, who funded the 10,000 rack cards [see above] that we are placing around Mon, Marion, Taylor, Harrison and Preston counties. We shared stories of a few women who have found more freedom and empowerment through Libera.
  • We have passed out over 400 rack cards that were funded by Libera in other counties around the state.
  • Two WVU classes, a communication and a leadership class, are now placing 1500 of the rack cards around Mon county in hotels, nail and beauty salons, gas stations and truck stops, and bars.
  • We had a spectacular Wednesday where we were able to take a woman to the Marion County Prosecutor’s office, and keep her with us on the bus all day until her former partner, who was out of jail and threatening her, was secured in the North Central Regional Jail. We were also able to reach out to many women in Harrison County that day, and we made a strong connection with a woman at Fairmont State. She will also be a great connection to women in Barbour County. The final effort that day was our new group in Marion County.
  • We followed up with several women who have completed the Libera groups,connected them to specific resources to overcome their barriers, and encouraged them to pursue the dreams they have.
  • We started two new Libera model groups; we are expanding to reach other counties, as we started the first group in Marion County.
  • We made some new connections with women in Martinsburg, Elkins, and Beckley. 
  • We attended an exciting conference put on by the West Virginia Women’s Commission, “College Dreams Ignited.” We listened to author Carol Leary discuss her book, “Achieving the Dream,” heard stories of women who overcame obstacles to obtain degrees in higher education, and had some great networking and collaboration time with women from around the state. We were able to get many copies of “Achieving the Dream” to help resource women who are looking to overcome intellectual barriers to freedom.  We became much better equipped to help women pursue higher education. We found out that WV ranks the lowest of the 50 states for women with bachelor’s degrees-19%. We want to change that! We were also able to make good connections to further connect women to resources in the future.