We are very excited to announce that Libera is hiring two new staff members mid August! This will allow us to expand much more rapidly around the state, as well as meet the individual needs of women and teens in West Virginia. We are expanding our services to high school girls [previously we have only worked with 18-75 year olds] and will begin some high school groups in the near future. 

We are hiring a full time counselor, Jessica Haring,  and a part time program director, Vanessa Short. The counselor will be available to meet with women individually, and will also go out with us on some of our bus visits to the 55 counties of West Virginia. Welcome, Vanessa and Jessie!

Read more about them below in their bios. More news to follow soon on groups and upcoming events!

Jessica Haring, Counselor

Jessica (Jessie), was born and raised in West Virginia. She received her BFA at WVU in 2012 with concentrations in both painting and photography and graduated with her Master of Arts in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando in May 2017. She has years of experience with children and teens in different capacities and is passionate about giving them a place to be heard and mentored. In her nearly 500 hours of internship, she has worked with couples, individuals, teens, and children as well as led an Art Therapy group for her peers. She hopes to incorporate creative methods into her counseling practice and be a safe place for women from all walks of life to find someone to walk alongside them in their journey to freedom. In her free time she loves eating good food, going on adventures and pursuing artistic endeavors. 


Vanessa Short is a native West Virginian. She currently resides in Barbour County WV with her husband of 24 years. Together they have two children. Vanessa has a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She will begin an academic adventure in the fall of 2018 as she will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work. She has over ten years’ experience working with women in various capacities helping them soar to their individual definitions of success. Currently she volunteers as a sexual assault advocate. Vanessa is passionate about community engagement and believes that community involvement is part of positive citizenship. Currently she facilitates a book club for women in her community that emphasizes interpersonal development, self-discovery and personal growth, while creating an environment for supportive relationships to develop and deepen. She lives and works from a horizontal perspective and believes that we (women) all have a rich offering of self to bring to the table that will enrich, empower, and impact each other’s life. Vanessa believes that life, growth, and overcoming is best addressed from an integrative holistic approach. She enjoys going on adventures with her husband and family time together with him and their children, laughing and simply being. She is a decorating, party hosting diva who enjoys entertaining, crafting in a variety of modalities, and a great flea market find.