Life Transformation

Libera is about transformation: listening to women's and teen girls' stories, helping them identify the barriers they face and the lies they believe about themselves, and giving them resources to overcome those barriers. 

Here are some words from one of the women that has experienced that transformation:

"Reaching out to you was a bit intimidating but you quelled that fear immediately. Your listening ear and affirmation started me on a path to actually do the work required to dig out of the misery I was experiencing.It really did take the whole calendar year, but I can honestly say I ended the year feeling strong and cared for. The bitterness, resentment, cynicism, pain, hurt, anger, and hopelessness I felt have dissipated drastically. I can actually practice gratitude willingly and easily without it feeling like a lead weight of what I “should” do.Thank you for the role you played in my journey over the last year. I truly appreciate your kindness, care, and attention.

As you continue to pour out into others, I just wanted to write the words THANK YOU to encourage you. You have blessed my life and I will repay it by pouring out of my health into others.Blessings!"- Megan